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girls in ties

2009-05-17 16:36:24 by scarrgo

I started a blog at just thought the audience here might appreciate it.

girls in ties

dam sham

2009-05-04 05:16:59 by scarrgo

f me... been here for years and never log in, so i look so young. bah sham.

hey NG... I'm an artist and animator, but don't know the first thing about action script or programming. I'm looking for an action scripter to help me develop a Flash game. I'm willing to pay fair $$$ for their work. Only stipulations are the person has to be in Los Angeles, or able to travel to Los Angeles for in person meetings, and, I need a working prototype by April 1. If you think you can do it, or know someone who can, let me know. If you're referring someone and I end up working with them, I'll drop you a $50 girt cert in the mail for your efforts. Thanks...